Welcome back to r2con (in Barcelona, September 5-8 of 2018) !

Many people enjoyed previous editions, so why not repeat once again?



A merchandising pack will be given only to those who bought the ticket BEFORE August 20th


r2con is a congress around radare2, a multiplatform, opensource reverse engineering framework and tooling.

The meeting aims to let all r2 developers and users around the world stay 4 days hacking, teaching, discussing and coding stuff while having fun and taking beers.


Will be held the first weekend of September, like previous editions. This is: 5,6,7,8 of September in Barcelona.


The trainings and hackathon (days 5 & 6) will take place in Barcelona, Roc Boronat 138. The UPF building.

The conference talks (days 7 & 8) will take place in Barcelona, Diagonal 177. The MediaPro building.

Note that both buildings are literally in the same block. Check out the maps tab below.

Schedule & Information

* This is the initial schedule and it might be changed minorly.



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