Welcome back to r2con (in Barcelona, September 5-8 of 2018) !

Many people enjoyed previous editions, so why not repeat once again?

Check the Call For Papers if you want to present (before end of June)

Accepted talks are listed here




r2con is a congress around radare2, a multiplatform, opensource reverse engineering framework and tooling.

The meeting aims to let all r2 developers and users around the world stay 4 days hacking, teaching, discussing and coding stuff while having fun and taking beers.


Will be held the first weekend of September, like previous editions. This is: 5,6,7,8 of September in Barcelona.


The conference will in Barcelona, Diagonal 177. The mediapro building.


So, you don’t know what CFP stands for? it’s CALL FOR PAPERS. This writeup aims to make a call for everyone who wants to speak at r2con by sending its proposals to: r2con@radare.org. To make that clear: All talks must be around radare2, topics can cover from malware analysis, reversing, exploiting, forensics, data analysis, development, etc.
Submissions will be accepted until end of June.



This is the list of accepted talks, may change and enlarge over time.


Some more trainings are planned, but none confirmed yet.


This is just a draft of the plans, it will be updated when the CFP is closed.

Wednesday 5

Thursday 6

Friday 7

Saturday 8



We will try to hold the whole event in the MediaPro building, Diagonal 177:

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