r2con 2019

September 4th to 7th, Barcelona

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Agenda published!

Check our agenda page to see what will be going on in r2con 2019!

Conference and Training tickets are available!


r2con is a the annual conference about radare2, a multi-platform, open-source, reverse engineering framework.

The conference aims to let all r2 users and developers around the world enjoy 4 days of hacking, teaching, discussing and coding stuff while having fun and taking beers.

As every year, r2con will be combined of two major parts: 2 days of trainings and 2 days of conference.

Chiptune party!

Last year we organized a Chiptune party the last day after the conference, it was an awesome experience and many people enjoyed the music, the drinks and having some time at night to chat with other attendees or speakers.

We tried our best to keep the underground spirit as alive as possible and managed to organize the chiptune party once again!

Live concert with Amiga and GameBoy chiptune by Neuroflip, 4DBoy and Cyanide Dansen!


r2con 2019 will be held from September 4th to September 7th.

September 4th and 5th would be the training days. September 6th and 7th will be conference (talks) days.


The trainings and hackathon will take place in Barcelona, Roc Boronat 138, the UPF building.

The conference talks will take place in Barcelona, Diagonal 177, the MediaPro building.

Note that both buildings are literally in the same block.



The R2Con CTF is a Jeopardy style competition. You are given with several questions, tasks and challenges in range of different categories of RE. A player can gain points by solving the challenges. Some challenges could have Hints, but there is a score penalty for using them. All challenges need to be solved using radare2.

More information will come soon.


This is always the most awaited and fun competition at r2con. Participants must submit small programs written in assembly (assembled by rasm2) to be executed with ESIL in a shared memory space inside r2.

The objective of those programs is to find out the other program location and overwrite its code to make it crash, the last program to survive wins.

Thanks to the flexibility of r2 it is posssible to emulate multiple programs of different architectures at the same time in the same instance.

The r2wars engine is written in C# and runs in Mac, Windows and Linux, you can find out more about it in the repository.

If you want to make the game even better, please take some time and fix any of those issues.

Check out the videos of the previous competitions in YouTube.

More information will come soon.


In r2con 2018 we had a hardware support competition in which we encouraged the community to send a pull request to implement a support for a new architecture, or significantly improve an existing one. This year you are invited to send a significant pull request adding any new feature, or improving an existing one. We will give prizes for the TOP 10 pull requests.

If you submit a pull request for this contest - please start the PR title with "R2CON2019".

Eventually, we will triage all the participating Pull Requests and announce the winners in the conference.

* Solving issues labeled under "good first issue" won't be counted.

More information will come soon.


Since the very begining of radare development we had people complaining of bugs because they were using the 3-4 year old version shipped in their distro. We tried to work with everyone who ships builds of r2 to always get updates and merge back their patches upstream so everyone gets benefit out of it.

But that has been not enough. In github/radare2 we can check out most of known/used Linux and BSD distros and the shipped r2 version, and it's pretty clear that Debian/Ubuntu stopped updating those packages long time ago (3.2.1). Yes, the 0.9.6 drama is over.

The aim of this competition is to publish a working exploit for radare2 on Debian stable (nowadays, unstable keeps the same version). To show that debian-security and backporting patches is not solving enough when distributing such state-of-the-art packages.

In order to win this competition. We will accept only 1 working exploit (the first one to submit it) for radare2-3.2.1 (built for x86-64 debian/stable). Additional points will be given for writing some notes or presenting at r2con the way the vuln was found and how the exploit was developed.


When will the registration be open?

Registration is now open! Tickets for talks and trainings are available here.

Is the CFP still open?

No. The CFP is now closed and the agenda is published.

What would I get for a ticket?

Tickets for the conference would allow entrance for the two days of the conference including a Merchandise pack.

Tickets for the trainings are sold separately and include tickets for the two days of the trainings. Different trainings will have different prices. Check out the purchasing page to learn more.

May I use IDA Pro or GHIDRA during the conference?



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